Praxisbewährte Expertise für Anbahnung, Erweiterung und Abwicklung Ihres Auslandsgeschäftes



Doing Business with Germany?

You are looking at the German Market. Germany is undoubtedly interesting if you would like to sell your goods/services to German customers or to buy products/services from Germany or to cooperate with German companies. What you need to enter the German market successfully is an excellent preparation and a reliable partner.

Market research: I assist you to get the right findings and information to decide whether a market entry will make sense, how much time and cost you need and what practical steps you shall take.

Market entry: I will assist you in defining the practical steps for entering the market, in finding the right partners and channels. The most important international trade shows in nearly each business sector you will find in Germany. So, visiting a German trade show would be a good idea for your practical market entry. I will find the appropriate show and prepare a successful visit for you.

Market presence: There are plenty of opportunities for practical organizing your market entry: importer, distribution partners, own representative office or forming your independent German company. I will assist you practically in implementing your project step by step.

Avoid red tape: If you are not familiar with the German market it's for sure that you will be confronted by administrative hurdles starting from visa issues via certificates to international trade documentation. I will be your guide through German administration.