Praxisbewährte Expertise für Anbahnung, Erweiterung und Abwicklung Ihres Auslandsgeschäftes

My Profile 

International trade professional by heart & mind +++ Born 1964 +++ Married, 6 (adult) children +++ Director International Trade (1994-2019) +++ Focus of activities: Export, import, launching and handling of international business activities +++ Wide international network +++ Industry experience and contacts: Metal, plastic/rubber, electronics, machine and tool engineering +++

Motto of Life: "There are no problems, but only solutions"

Since 1 July 2019 I have been putting into practice my dream of having an independent business with LGE® Local Global Expert. International trade, export and import have been my profession for almost 30 years. My know-how and experience comprise nearly all aspects of international business - from initiating and drafting contracts to the implementation of international business activities (tariff, certification and document issues). This treasure of knowledge and experience I make available for foreign companies in order to successfully access the German market. On request I will take an active part in the implementation of those market access projects.

To make it short: I offer my customers to "take a shortcut". International trade knowledge, experience and network as well as English, Russian and German languages are available. Expensive experiences and mistakes do not have to made by yourself. This is what saves time, money and energy.

My credo: "There's nothing good unless you'll do it." Sure that you need thorough preparation and planning before opening up the German market. But on the other hand you shall not hesitate to tackle the challenge practically and to implement the project step by step. So what are we waiting for? Let's start and tackle the challenge together!