Praxisbewährte Expertise für Anbahnung, Erweiterung und Abwicklung Ihres Auslandsgeschäftes

Your gateway to the German Market

No doubt - Germany is an exciting market for internationally operating companies. At the same time Germany is the most important market within the European Union. Whether you'll sell your products/services to German companies or you'll buy highly competitive products/services for your home market sometimes it is a challenge to find the best way and appropriate and reliable partners for your market entry. Don't worry! You could be helped. I offer my knowledge, experience, contacts and assistance to check the market, find potential partners, launch the first communication and prepare initial business activities. If you are planning to open up a rep office or a branch I could help you to avoid red tape. So you will save time and money. Let's go the shorter way and develop your German business together ....

To give you a first idea what we can do for you please see our most important service offers as follow:

Tool Box for International Trade: I am familiar with the regulations for import and export, contracting, terms of trade, payment conditioning, trade documents, certification needs, tariffs and taxes. That knowledge will be transferred within the framework of a practical project, coaching, seminar, workshop or presentation.

Capacity Building:
 In order to transfer the relevant knowledge of doing business with Germany I am offering individual coaching, group seminars or workshops or  only a presentation whether at your site or in Germany.

Market Check: You want to sell your products/services to the German market. We'll check potential market shares, competitors, prices, distribution channels, respective tariffs and taxes, certification, labelling and trade documentation needs. 

Business partners: According to your target group profile a long list with potential partners will be provided. Arising from that we'll agree on a short list of the most promising business partners to start with. In close cooperation with you we'll facilitate the direct contact and the first meetings.

International Trade Show Visits: In many sectors the most important trade shows in the world are taking place in Germany. So it makes sense to visit the appropriate trade show. I will design an individual visiting programme and facilitate the respective meetings.

Business Missions to Germany: Individual business visits or small group visits (as a rule max. 5 companies) are the most effective way to get a real idea from the German market. Those missions comprise individual meetings with potential partners according to your target group profile, visit of Trade Shows most relevant to your sector of industry or participance in special business events.

Setting up a company in Germany: Being sure that the German market is the right one for your company, products and services it is very important to have a powerful presence in the German market. Let's discuss the alternatives of legal forms and business options. We'll go the initial administrative steps together to avoid red tape and save time and money.

Visa Issues: Provided that you're a business from a 3rd country (outside the EU) you'll need a business visit or residence allowance for visiting, establishing and doing your business in Germany. I will accompany your project in all levels (designing an appropriate Business Plan, application at the German Embassy, communication with local authorities, trouble shooting). One advice in advance: You shall plan sufficient time for obtaining your visit!

Last not least I am also open for inquiries or requests not fitting in the categories mentioned above!